Terms and conditions

Prophet League Terms and Conditions

The Nitty-Gritty: So here’s the deal. Anytime you use any of the websites or apps offered by Prophet League, or register for an account, or use any of the products or services we offer, these Terms and Conditions apply. We like to call everything we offer – from our websites to mobile applications – the “Services”. And when we say “You” and “Your”, we’re talking about you, the person using the Services. If you’re wondering who “we” are, take a look at Section 2 for more info.

Material Terms Summary

Take a Time-Out: Before you dive into the rest of these Terms and Conditions, we’d like you to take a moment, much like a half-time break, to really read and understand what’s in here. These terms can have a big impact on your rights and in some cases, could even influence whether you get paid by us or can play with us. If anything in here has you scratching your head or leaves you with questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help. One thing’s for sure, we really need you to pay close attention to the Important Note just below, and then give these Terms and Conditions a thorough read. It’s all part of being a good sport and playing the game right.

Team Up with Us: By creating an account with us at Prophet League (prophetleague.app), you’re signing up for a mutual agreement. It’s kind of like agreeing to the team’s playbook – it includes these General Terms and Conditions, the specific rules for each product and service we offer, and any applicable terms from third parties regarding their software. (Check out Section 1)

One Team, One Player:, You’re only allowed to open one account with us. If we find that you’ve got more than one, we’ve got the right to close them, void any winnings, and keep the balance in your extra accounts. (Look at Section 4)

All for a good cause: By playing Prophet League you are directly helping to support good causes. Where games have an element of the stake being donated to a good cause this will be clearly shown to you before you confirm your stake. The good cause Is not a ‘player’ In the game and therefore you are making a donation and not playing against the good cause. The percentage of your stake that Is being donated directly to the charity will be shown on screen and will not be Included within the prize pot that Is distributed to the winners. This Is gaming for good. (check out Section 31 for more on this)

Eligibility Check: Just like any sport, there are some eligibility rules. You have to be 18 years or older, and meet some other criteria before you can join the game. (Head over to Sections 4, 6 and 7)

Your Data, Our Care: We collect and use your personal information, but with care and respect. All this is outlined in our Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice. (See Section 5)

Security Checks: We’ve got to complete our verification process before you can place stakes or withdraw winnings. (Section 7 has the details)

Cashing Out: Most of the time, you can withdraw your real money balance whenever you want. We might have to delay or withhold withdrawals in certain situations. (More in Section 12)

Play Fair: Just like any good sport, we’ve got zero tolerance for cheating, fraud, or any other “Prohibited Activities”. If you step out of line, we might have to take action, like suspending or closing your account, or withholding your winnings. (Refer to Sections 16, 17 and 18)

Tech Hiccups: We do our best to keep things running smoothly, but like any piece of equipment, software and systems can sometimes trip up. If there’s an error or incorrect info displayed, we might not be able to pay out your win. (Find more in Section 11)

Our Responsibility: It’s important you understand what we’re liable for, and when we might limit or exclude that liability.. (Check Section 22)

Settling Scores: Occasionally, we might use the positive balance in your account to cover amounts you owe us, or to reimburse any costs incurred from any Prohibited Activity you might have taken part in. (Details in Section 22.5)

1. General Terms and Conditions and other important terms which apply to You

1.1 Your Agreement: By creating an account with Prophet League (app.prophetleague.uk) and checking the “Accept terms & create account” box during registration, you’re stepping into a kind of team contract with us. This includes:
  • These general terms and conditions (think of it as the general rules of the game),
  • The specific rules for each of our products and services (kind of like the specific rules for each sport you play),
  • The unique terms for any promotions we offer
Together, we call all these the “Terms and Conditions”. (Learn more in Section 1.2)

1.2 The Playbook: You can find the specific rules, or Game Rules, for each of our products and services by checking out the links below: https://prophetleague.com/game-rules

Just a quick note: if there’s ever a conflict between these General Terms and Conditions and any of the Game Rules, think of the General Terms as the referee – they’ll have the final say.

2. About us

2.1 Who’s in Charge: When you see “us”, “our”, or “we” in the Terms and Conditions, you can think of it as referring to Good Gaming Limited, or as we like to call it, the team behind Prophet League. We’re officially registered at 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX and we’re licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain (licence number <enter license number>) for our team members located in the United Kingdom Remember that pre-game briefing we mentioned, the Material Terms Summary? It said that notwithstanding our regulated status, we will not be liable to You under these Terms and Conditions, and nor do we owe You a duty of care in respect of, our compliance or non-compliance with any regulatory obligations that we may be under from time to time including those relating to so-called ‘safer gambling’ or ‘social responsibility’.

2.2 How to Reach Us: Need to get in touch? You can find our contact details in Section 26.

3. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Updating Our Playbook: All games evolve. The same goes for our Terms and Conditions. We might have to tweak them now and then to keep up with changes in laws, regulations

Staying in the Loop: If we make any significant changes, we’ll make sure you know by giving you a heads up and a link to the updated terms on our website. By continuing to use our services after we notify you, it’s as if you’ve given us a high five and said “I’m in!” If any change isn’t up your alley, you should stop using our services. It’s your responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions and any changes to these when we notify you that a change has been made.

4. Registering for and opening an Account (including what happens if You open more than one Account)

4.1 Registering an Account: To begin your journey with Prophet League, start by setting up your account. You can do this by clicking the “Join/Register” link on our website or apps. There’s no fee for opening an account. During the registration process, we’ll request some personal details such as your name, address, email, birthday, and phone number. It’s important to provide accurate information and keep it updated. You can make changes to your details at any time through your account preferences. For more details on how we handle your personal information, take a look at our Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice (Section 5).

4.2 Meeting the Criteria: Before you can open an account, you must meet our eligibility criteria and pass our anti-money laundering and verification checks, which we refer to as the “Requirements.” You can find out more in Section 6 (Eligibility) and Section 7 (Verification). While your account remains active, you need to consistently meet these Requirements.

4.3 One Account Rule: At Prophet League, you’re only allowed one account. Any additional accounts will be deemed as “Duplicate Accounts.” If we discover that you’ve created a Duplicate Account, we have the right to:
  • 4.1 Close the Duplicate Account, leaving you with the original one. If you’ve intentionally opened multiple accounts, we might close all of your accounts, including the original one. Any bonuses, free bets, and winnings from these bonuses and free bets from the Duplicate Account will be considered void.
  • 4.2 Void all future bets made on the Duplicate Account.
  • 4.3 Retain the positive balance of the Duplicate Account.
  4.4 Providing Accurate Information: It’s crucial that you provide us with accurate account information. If any of your personal details change – such as your address or bank card details – it’s your responsibility to inform us. You can do this either on our website or app, or by contacting our customer support team.

4.5 Account Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse to open an account for any reason, including if you fail to meet the Requirements. If we decline to open your account, we’ll refund any deposit you’ve made (unless we’re allowed to withhold funds under these Terms and Conditions) via the same payment method you used for the deposit. If you’ve placed any bets, we reserve the right to void these.

4.6 Personal Use Only: Any bets you place via your account should be for your benefit and not made on behalf of any third party.

5. Information we collect about You and how it is used

We handle your information in line with our Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice. This document, available at www.prophetleague.com/privacy-policy is considered a part of these Terms and Conditions. It details the type of data we gather from you, how we handle it, who it might be shared with, and the reasons for these actions.

6. Eligibility

6.1 Age Restrictions:. You’ve got to be at least 18 years old to play. By signing up, you’re confirming you’re of legal age. Remember, gambling underage is as big a no-no as a handball in the penalty area. Check out Section 7.3 for more info if we find out you’re not on the level.

6.2 Home Teams: Currently, we’re signing up players from the United Kingdom only. But hey, we’re always looking to expand the league, so keep an eye out as this list might change!

6.3 Playing Abroad: If you’re accessing our services from a country that’s not your registered home base, make sure you’re not offside according to local laws. We accept no liability if Your use of our Services is in contravention of the laws of the country in which You are located.

7. Verification

7.1 Verifying Your Info: We may need to ask for proof of age and/or address. Your account might be put on hold until we get the docs we need.

7.2 Authorising Checks: When you sign up, you’re giving us the green light to do any identification or credit checks we need to. This could include checking the details you provided at registration or any changes you make later on. We need to be sure that you’re over 18 and living where you say you are. We appreciate your cooperation!

7.3 Underage Gambling: If we find out that you’re under 18 after you’ve opened an account, we’ll return your stakes, cancel all bets, and might report the situation to the proper authorities. Using our services under the age of 18 years old Is not allowed.

7.4 Credit Reference Agencies:, We might pass your info to authorised credit reference agencies. They may check the details we give against their databases and may keep a record of the check. This is all done in line with our Privacy Policy.

7.5 Additional Proof: We might need you to provide proof of identity and/or address. This could mean sending us a copy of your passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate or other documents. Should we need to see any further documentation we will contact you via email and provide instructions on how to send these to us..

7.6 Meeting Requirements: Like a team adhering to the rules of the game, we may request any documentation we need to meet legal, regulatory or fraud prevention requirements. It’s all about keeping the game safe and fair.

8. User ID and Password

8.1 Setting Up Your Account: When you register with us, you’ll need to provide your email address and choose a unique password for your account. We’ll send you a verification email which you will need to open and click on the link included inside to complete you’re account set-up.

8.2 Keeping Your Account Safe: You should never let anyone else use your account. Make sure you keep your email address and password confidential. We have to assume any activity on your account (once your email and password have been entered correctly) is you, whether it really is or not. If someone else gets into your account because you’ve shared your details or been negligent, we can’t be held responsible.

8.3 Young People and Devices: If youngsters have access to your devices, we suggest you use parental control software. such as NetNanny, mSpy.

8.4 Changing Your Password: You should regularly switch up your password. You can do this via the link on our websites and/or mobile and tablet app. If you notice any unauthorized use of your account, tell us right away.

8.5 Locked Out: If you try your password too many times and get it wrong, your account will be locked for safety. But don’t worry, if you forget or lose your password, you can get the details back or unlock your account using our online tools. Or, you can get in touch with our Customer Support Team via live chat or email, and after we’ve verified it’s you, we’ll reset your password for you.

8.6 If You Suspect a Breach: If you think someone else has your password, get in touch with our Customer Support Team straight away.

9. Deposits

9.1 Making a Deposit: When you want to fund your account simply click on the “Deposit” or wallet Icon within your account on our website or mobile and tablet application.

9.2 Accepted Payment Methods: You can top up your account using a debit card (Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard, or Visa Electron) or an online payment service (like PayPal, or others we accept). Remember, deposits may require your bank and/or payment provider’s approval, and we’re not responsible if they don’t give it. Also, just to be clear, credit card payments are a no-go, whether directly or through an online payment service. We do not accept payment by credit card.

9.3 Name Match: Here’s the deal: the name on your debit card or online payment service needs to match the name on your account.  We are entitled to assume that You are using Your own funds and we accept no liability where that is not the case

9.4 Number of Payment Methods: At any given time, you can have one (1) debit card and one of each online payment service registered to your account. To make changes, you can use the tools within the ‘Player Profile’ screen or give our contact out Customer Support Team

9.5 Net Deposit Policy: Our “Net Deposit” policy is detailed in Section 12.4. Basically, you can only remove a payment method if your Net Deposit for all payment methods is zero or less, or a different amount that we specify. If you no longer have a payment method that has “Net Deposits” on your account, contact our Customer Support Team. Depending on whether you’ve added a new payment method and subject to our routine security checks,, we might be able to remove the old one. Note: in some cases, we might need extra documentation confirming that the payment method isn’t active before we can remove it.

9.6 Deposit Currencies: All deposits need to be in a currency we accept. Currently, that only includes British Pounds Sterling.

9.7 Minimum Deposit: The minimum deposit is £2.00. (+10p transaction fee)

9.8 Changing Minimum Deposit: From time to time, we might change the minimum deposit amount. We promise it’ll always be a fair decision, and we’ll keep you updated on our websites.

9.9 Deposit Fees: Some banks might treat the deposit as a “cash” transaction or add extra banking charges or overdraft fees. Check with your bank for more info. Any fees we charge will be visible before you make a deposit.

9.10 Deposit Availability: Once your bank approves your deposit, the funds will be available in your account immediately. The deposit will typically show up as “Prophet League” on your bank statement.

9.11 Account Funds: Money in your account doesn’t earn interest. Money held on your account can be used for future stakes.

9.12 We Aren’t a Bank: Just to be clear, we’re not a bank. Deposited money is held in a regular bank account under the name of Good Gaming Limited. For more details, check out Section 30 (Keeping Your Money Safe).

9.13 Deposit Purpose: Deposits to your account should only be used for gameplay on our Services.

10. Maximum Winnings Limits

10.1 Maximum Winnings Limits: As we stated in the “Important Note” at the start of these General Terms and Conditions, we have set limits to the maximum winnings for our services. These limits apply no matter how much you stake. The maximum winnings for each Account are as follows:
  • 10.1.1 In relation to Prophet League Bet, for any single game weekend, the maximum aggregate winnings shall not exceed £500,000 (five hundred thousand pounds sterling).

11. Malfunctions, Errors and Interruptions

11.1 Hiccups in the Game: We’re dedicated to providing you a top-notch gaming platform. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Mistakes and errors can happen – technical, human, you name it. We’re in the business of providing the Services as they are, and you accept using them as we make them available, mishaps and all.

11.2 Righting Wrongs: In this section, we talk about all the things that can trip us up and what happens when they do. Section 22 below will dive into why we won’t be held responsible if things go awry. But don’t worry – we aren’t trying to dodge our responsibilities or affect your consumer rights and regulations.

11.3 Knowing the Lingo: Here are some definitions to help you navigate this section:
  • A “Malfunction” is when an automated process doesn’t work as intended, like if software deviates from its performance specs or if two pieces of software can’t properly communicate. These hiccups may not be obvious to us or you until we review the game footage (settlement instructions, game outcomes or winnings).
  • An “Error” isn’t just a technical issue. For instance, we might accidentally post incorrect points or scores, or mix up the terms of a promotion or playing opportunity. These mistakes can be human, administrative, operational, system-wide, or a combo of all these.
  • An “Interruption” is an interruption in a betting transaction due to internet failures, latency issues, or a technical hiccup from unforeseen events.

11.4 When Things Go Wrong: If something does go wrong, we handle it as described below. Just like how you’d agree to the rules before starting to play the game, it’s important that you understand and accept the following:

11.5 If a Malfunction results in winnings being credited to your account that you wouldn’t have received otherwise, we have the right to void the transaction and withhold those winnings. This applies even if the same or similar amount of winnings could have been produced without the Malfunction, and whether or not you or we knew about it. If you’ve already withdrawn these winnings, you agree to return them when we ask.

11.6 If you notice or suspect a Malfunction You agree to stop using the relevant Service(s) and report it to our Customer Support Team right away.

11.7 When an Error occurs, we handle it in the same way as Malfunctions.

11.8 If you notice or suspect an Error, it’s the same drill. You agree to stop using the relevant Service(s) and let our Customer Support Team know as soon as possible.  

11.9 Our priority is to handle Interruptions fairly without systematically disadvantaging our players. 11.10 For our games, we reserve the right to pause the game, nullify entries, and refund stakes. 11.11 When it comes to gaming:
  • If an Interruption happens after you’ve entered the game and can’t influence the outcome, the game results will stand.
  • If an Interruption happens before the outcome of a one-participant event has been determined, we’ll refund your stake.
  • For multi-participant games, we’ll handle Interruptions case-by-case in the fairest way we can.

12. Withdrawals

12.1 Withdrawing Your Winnings: Ready to cash in on your winnings? You can withdraw the available real money balance in your account anytime, but make sure to keep the following in mind:
  • 12.1.1 All payments made into your account need to be confirmed as cleared and not subject to chargebacks, reversals, or cancellations.
  • 12.1.2 If we suspect any suspicious activity on you’re account we may perform further verification checks to ensure everything is in order. We will provide clear justification should we require any additional Information from you. If we’ve requested any additional information from you, delays in providing it may cause a delay in withdrawing funds.
  • 12.1.3 There should be no ongoing or completed review related to Errors, Interruptions, or Malfunctions (as defined in Section 11), or any reasonable suspicion of Prohibited Activity (as defined in Section 16.2). If any of these situations apply, we reserve the right to void affected transactions, withhold winnings, or even close your account.
12.2 Withdrawal Process: Funds will stay in your account until you request a transfer of the outstanding balance to the debit card or online payment service you used for your initial deposit.

12.3 How to Withdraw: To initiate a withdrawal, head over to the “My Account” section on our platforms or contact our Customer Support Team a call.

12.4 Net Deposit: As part of our regulatory requirements and to combat money laundering, card theft, and fraud, we operate a “Net Deposit” facility. Here’s how it works: You can only withdraw funds using the payment method you originally used to deposit them. When you’re ready to withdraw, you’ll see a “Net Deposit” amount next to each registered payment method on your account. This amount reflects the transactions made with that specific payment method over the past 150 days. It’s calculated by subtracting your total withdrawals from your total deposits for that payment method. So, you can only withdraw funds back to the same payment method they came from. If all your “Net Deposits” are zero or negative, you can withdraw any additional funds to any registered payment method. For a detailed example of how “Net Deposits” work, check out this link: <enter URL>.

12.5 Confirmation of Withdrawal: Once you’ve submitted a withdrawal request and none of the situations described in Section 12.1 apply, you’ll receive a confirmation message. The balance of your account will then clear to zero or the remaining amount if not withdrawn.

12.6 Transfer and Clearance Time: When withdrawal requests are processed (assuming none of the situations in Section 12.1 apply), the funds will usually leave our hands by the end of the business day on which the withdrawal was requested. They will be credited to your registered debit card or online payment service. The clearance period will depend on the card issuer or online payment service, typically taking 2-5 working days for cards and often the same day for online payment services.

12.7 Minimum Withdrawal Amount: The standard minimum withdrawal amount is £1. However, if your real money balance is lower than this minimum, you can contact our Customer Support Team to withdraw the full balance. Keep in mind that your bank or card provider may have restrictions on the maximum aggregate amount you can withdraw. If you wish to withdraw an amount exceeding this limit, reach out to us and provide any necessary documents to facilitate your request.

12.8 Changing Withdrawal Amounts: We reserve the right to change the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts at our discretion. Rest assured, we’ll communicate any such changes on our websites, keeping you in the loop.

12.9 Withdrawal Charges and Restrictions: We don’t charge any fees for withdrawals to online payment services, UK debit cards, or international Visa cards issued in non-restricted countries. Check with your card issuer for a list of relevant non-restricted countries. Also, please note that transfers of funds between customer accounts are not permitted.

12.10 Tax Responsibility: It’s important to comply with your local law or tax authorities regarding reporting your winnings and losses. You’re responsible for paying any taxes or levies due on winnings received from us.

13. Availability and Use of the Services

13.1 Changes to Products and Services: We may suspend, modify, remove, or add products to our Services at our discretion. We’ll try to provide prior notice whenever possible, but sometimes immediate changes may be necessary without notice.

13.2 Misuse and Unauthorized Access: Fair play is key, so please don’t misuse our Services by introducing malicious software or trying to gain unauthorized access to our websites, servers, or databases. If any breach occurs, we’ll report it to the appropriate authorities and cooperate with them fully.

13.3 Lawful Use: Let’s keep things legal and enjoyable. You agree not to use the Services to engage in criminal or unlawful activities or cause harm, distress, or inconvenience to others.

13.4 Personal Use Only: The Services are meant for your personal use and benefit. Placing bets through your account for any purpose other than personal use is prohibited unless we have given prior written consent.

13.5 No Commercial Relationship: It’s important not to give the impression that you have a commercial relationship with us or that you are our agent. Let’s keep things clear and transparent.

13.6 Information Usage: The information we and third parties provide on our websites and Services, such as results, statistics, and odds, is for your personal use only. Distributing or commercially exploiting this information is strictly prohibited. Please note that the information provided does not constitute advice or recommendations.

13.7 Risk and Responsibility: Gambling involves a risk of losing money, and you acknowledge and accept this responsibility for any losses incurred.

13.8 Service Availability and Errors: Our Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. While we strive for smooth operations, we cannot guarantee that the Services will be free from errors, interruptions, or omissions. Please refer to Section 11 for more details on Errors, Interruptions, and Malfunctions.

13.9 Third-Party Software: Certain Services may require third-party software. If provided, you must agree to additional terms and conditions from the software provider. Failure to accept these terms may result in your inability to use the relevant software. Modifying or reverse engineering any software provided by us or third parties is not allowed, and we assume no liability in relation to third-party software.

13.10 Third-Party Content: We receive content from various third parties, such as commentaries and news feeds. These third-party content providers may have their own terms and conditions. We don’t accept liability for such content. If our Services link to third-party websites, content, or resources, it doesn’t imply endorsement, and we assume no liability for your use of those sites.

13.11 Electronic Gambling Considerations: When using our Services, keep in mind that:
  • 13.11.1 Your connection or equipment may be slower than others, which could affect time-critical actions such as entering a game before the game lock-down period has passed .
  • 13.11.2 System flaws, faults, errors, or service interruptions can occur due to unexpected software, hardware, or network issues. Please refer to Section 11 for more information on Errors, Interruptions, and Malfunctions. Stay prepared for the unpredictable nature of electronic communication in gambling.

14. Placing a Stake

14.1 Playing with Your Funds: When placing a bet, you can only use the funds available in your account. We don’t offer any credit, so make sure you have enough cleared funds before entering a stake.

14.2 Online Stakes Only: We only accept bets made online, including through our mobile and tablet applications. Stakes sent via email, post, or fax won’t be accepted and will not be valid.

14.3 Double-Check Your Stake: It’s important to ensure that all the details of your stake are correct. Once you’ve confirmed your stake with us, you can’t cancel or change it without our consent. If you need to make changes or cancel a stake, reach out to our Customer Support Team before the event starts, and we’ll consider your request. Please note that any decision will be made at our reasonable discretion.

14.4 Confirmation of Valid Stakes: Stakes made online or through our mobile and tablet applications are not guaranteed unless you receive an on-screen receipt from us. This receipt confirms that your stake has been accepted. The process for placing stakes may vary depending on the specific game rules, but it’s crucial to receive confirmation from us regarding the stake details and acceptance for it to be valid. Make sure to follow these guidelines when placing your bets to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

15. Refusing Your Stake

15.1 Our Right to Refuse Stakes: We want to ensure fair play for everyone, so we reserve the right to refuse all or part of a stake. If we have a valid reason to do so, we may decline your bet. Don’t worry, we’ll always act reasonably and in accordance with our policies.

15.2 Monitoring Betting Integrity: We take the integrity of our betting platform seriously. That’s why we may receive information from other credible organisation that help us  to detect and address irregular betting patterns and potential manipulation of events.

15.3 Responding to Warning Signals: If we receive a warning about irregular betting patterns or possible event manipulation from credible sources, we have the right to take action. At our reasonable discretion, we may:
  • 15.3.1 Suspend betting on specific events.
  • 15.3.2 Delay or withhold payment on specific events or series of events until the integrity of the event(s) is confirmed. This confirmation may come from the relevant sports federation via IBIA or through our own assessment using reasonable discretion.
15.4 Dealing with Event Manipulation: In the event that active event manipulation is confirmed,  we have the right to suspend any bets placed on such events. This includes bets made by individuals with insider betting knowledge or information, or by individuals whom we reasonably believe are connected to, acting in conjunction with, or involved with the event manipulation. These measures are in place to protect the fairness and integrity of our betting platform and to ensure a level playing field for all our users.

16. Prohibited Activities

16.1 Playing by the Rules: It’s important to use our Services for lawful gambling in line with these Terms and Conditions. We define certain activities as “Prohibited Activities,” and engaging in them can have consequences. As we mentioned in the ‘Important Note’ at the beginning of these Terms and Conditions, these consequences may include voiding transactions, withholding winnings, and even suspending or closing your Account.

16.2 Prohibited Activities: To ensure fair play and a safe environment for all users, the following activities are strictly prohibited:
  • 16.2.1 Any form of fraudulent or illegal activity, cheating, or actions prohibited under Section 17 (which we’ll talk about shortly).
  • 16.2.2 Using a financial or bank account or debit card that doesn’t match the registered name on your Account.
  • 16.2.3 Engaging in transactions that appear to us, in our reasonable judgment, as not genuine play.
  • 16.2.4 Accessing the Services from territories where gambling is not legal or from jurisdictions where we don’t accept customers. This includes using a VPN to hide your location.
  • 16.2.5 Initiating a “chargeback” or receiving a “return” notification regarding a deposit made on your Account.
  • 16.2.6 Using the Services for anything other than personal and recreational purposes.
  • 16.2.7 Providing incorrect or misleading information during the registration process (excluding situations where incorrect or misleading information is provided to pass age-verification checks, which are handled as described in Section 7.3).
  • 16.2.8 Allowing someone else to use your Account, whether intentional or unintentional.
  • 16.2.9 Opening or using one or more Duplicate Accounts deliberately or fraudulently.
  • 16.2.10 Attempting to make a bet when your Account doesn’t have sufficient cleared funds.
  • 16.2.11 Playing at other online gambling sites or services and being suspected of fraud, collusion, cheating, or unlawful activity related to chargebacks.
  • 16.2.12 Accessing the Services in violation of the laws of your country of residence.
  • 16.2.13 Experiencing bankruptcy, failure to pay a court judgment on time, making an arrangement with your creditors, having your assets seized, or facing analogous proceedings anywhere in the world.
  • 16.2.14 Breaching the rules of our chat facilities (see Section 23).
  • 16.2.15 Engaging in any form of abuse or harassment directed towards our staff.
  • 16.2.16 Seriously breaching the Terms and Conditions in any other way.
  We take these matters seriously, and we will take appropriate action if we find that any of these activities have occurred.

17. Fraud and Cheating

17.1 No Tolerance for Fraud and Cheating: We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraudulent activity or cheating. We consider the following actions as fraudulent activity or cheating:
  • Identity fraud, where someone pretends to be another person.
  • Payment fraud, which involves unauthorized or fraudulent payments.
  • Money laundering, which is the process of making illegally obtained money appear legitimate.
  • Third-party funding, where someone uses funds from a source other than their own.
  • Forgery, which involves creating or altering documents with the intent to deceive.
  • Using stolen or fraudulent payment details to make transactions.
  • Collusion with other individuals to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Utilizing software or tools to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Exploiting errors, malfunctions, or interruptions in our system or software.
  • Using insider information to gain an unfair advantage.
17.2 Fair Play and Non-Interference: It’s important to play fair and not interfere with the operation of our Services. You must not attempt to manipulate the normal play of any of our products or interrupt the functioning of our Services. This includes using artificial intelligence, automated players (bots), or player assistance software. You should play personally using the interfaces provided by us.

17.3 Collusion Detection and Measures: Collusion between players is strictly prohibited. We have sophisticated software to game play history, and suspicious activities to detect collusion. Our system monitors various aspects of gameplay, including card history, betting patterns, player history, and more. If collusion is detected, we may take measures such as prohibiting players from playing. You are expected to cooperate with us during any investigations.

17.4 Match-Rigging and Event Integrity: We take match-rigging and the integrity of events seriously. If there is evidence of match-rigging, suspicious betting activity, or improper activity with other gambling sites or services, we reserve the right to withdraw offers, temporarily withhold payments, and declare bets on that event void.

17.5 Prohibition of Unfair Advantage: We strictly prohibit the use of third-party external player assistance programs or software that provide an unfair advantage. This includes computer software, websites, subscription services, and non-software-based systems or databases used in connection with our Services. An unfair advantage refers to accessing or compiling information on other players beyond what you have personally observed through your own gameplay or exploiting faults, loopholes, or errors in our or any third party’s software to the disadvantage of us, the gameplay, or other players.

17.6 Steps to Detect and Prevent Prohibited Programs: We take steps to detect and prevent the use of prohibited player assistance programs. This may include examining software programs running concurrently with our software on your computer. You agree not to bypass, interfere with, or block these steps, including the use of third-party software that bypasses or interferes with them.

17.7 Withdrawal of Cashout Functionality: We reserve the right to withdraw your ability to cash out winnings if we have reasonable grounds to believe that any form of fraud or cheating has occurred. This may be done temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice to you, depending on the circumstances. Fair play is at the heart of our operations, and we are committed to maintaining a safe and honest gaming environment for all our users.

18. Suspension/Closure of Your Account by Us

18.1 Suspension of Account and Investigation: If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have engaged in any Prohibited Activity, we may suspend your account without prior notification. During the suspension period, your account will remain frozen, including your stake and winnings for any relevant bets. You must cooperate fully with our investigation. Please note that you will not be able to access or withdraw funds during the suspension, and your balance will remain in your account.

18.2 Resolution and Consequences: After conducting an investigation, if we determine (acting reasonably) that the issue has been resolved to our satisfaction, we may lift the account suspension. However, if we determine (acting reasonably) that you have engaged in any Prohibited Activity, we may restrict or permanently close your account. In such cases, your details may be shared with applicable regulatory authorities or other relevant external parties.

18.3 Legal and Regulatory Restrictions: There may be instances where we are required by a competent authority to restrict, suspend, or close accounts for legal or regulatory reasons. If such restrictions apply, they may impact your ability to use your account.

18.4 Closure of Account by Our Decision: We reserve the right, at our reasonable discretion, to close your account and void any bets or stakes if, based on the information regarding your gambling activity, we decide that we no longer wish to offer our services to you.

18.5 Account Closure and Balance: In the event of account closure by us, any remaining balance in your account will be refunded to you, except in the following cases:
  • 18.5.1 If you have engaged in illegal activity, we are not obligated to refund any money in your account.
  • 18.5.2 If we discover or determine (acting reasonably) that you have participated in any Prohibited Activities, we may withhold all or part of the account balance and recover deposits, payouts, bonuses, and/or any winnings (if applicable) associated with those Prohibited Activities.
18.6 Compensation for Costs and Losses: You agree to compensate us for any costs, charges, or losses we incur as a result of any Prohibited Activities on your part. We take the integrity of our platform seriously and will take appropriate actions to maintain a safe and fair environment for all users.

19. Closing Your own Account

19.1 Closing Your Account: If you ever feel like it’s time to say goodbye, you have the right to close your account whenever you want. Just reach out to us by email, live chat, or letter using the contact details provided in Section 26 below. We’ll make sure to respond to your request within a reasonable time.

19.2 Responsibility until Closure: Please remember that you’re responsible for any activities that occur using your account until it’s officially closed. Once we confirm the closure of your account, we’ll let you know and, unless we have the right to withhold funds as outlined in these terms, we’ll send you the remaining balance in your account through a payment method determined by us.

19.3 Account Balance and Unsettled Bets: If your account has a negative balance at the time of closure, that amount will become immediately due and payable to us. We’ll close your account once the negative balance has been fully repaid. If you have any unsettled bets on your account, those bets will still stand unless we’re allowed under these terms to cancel or void them. You can contact us to collect any winnings from these standing bets, which we’ll gladly provide unless we’re entitled to withhold all or part of those winnings under these terms. So, if you ever decide to close your account, just let us know and we’ll handle everything accordingly.

20. Dormant Accounts

20.1 Dormant Accounts: If your account remains inactive for a period of 24 months (that’s two years), we will consider it as “dormant.”

20.2 Reactivating a Dormant Account: Don’t worry, though. We’ll reach out to you before your account is deemed dormant, and you can reactivate it at any time by simply logging in.

20.3 Communication for Dormant Accounts: While your account is dormant, we’ll continue to contact you (if you’ve opted in) with promotional messages. Rest assured, we won’t charge any fees for having a dormant account.

20.4 Retention of Positive Balance: If your account remains dormant for at least 24 months, we reserve the right to retain any positive balance in the account. Before doing so, we will send you an email or letter with a notice at least 30 days in advance, except where these terms permit us to withhold payment.

20.5 Your Rights to Dormant Account Balance: However, please note that your right to the balance in the dormant account will not be affected by the retention of any positive balance. If you reach out to us seeking a refund of that balance within 7 years, we will process the refund unless we’re entitled to withhold any or all of the balance under these terms and subject to our legal and regulatory obligations.

20.6 Deletion of Dormant Accounts: It’s important to know that after 7 consecutive years of inactivity, we will delete your account. Once your account is deleted, we will no longer keep your personal details, and unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer a refund for the balance in your dormant account. So, if your account becomes dormant, remember that you can reactivate it at any time, and we’ll keep you informed along the way.

21. Events outside our control

21.1 Events Beyond Our Control: Sometimes, there are events that are beyond our control, like network failures, system malfunctions, or even unexpected legal changes. We can’t be held responsible for these events. It’s frustrating, but it happens.

21.2 Service Suspension: In some cases, events beyond our control may prevent us from providing certain services. If that happens, we may have to suspend or cancel those services. We’ll always do our best to avoid this, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable.

22. Limitations and Exclusions of Our Liability:

We take our responsibility seriously, but there are limits to what we can be held liable for. Here are some key points to note:

22.1 Exceptions to Liability: We want to be clear that we won’t exclude or limit our liability for fraud, death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, or for any breach of your statutory rights as a consumer. We’ll always honour our obligations under applicable laws.

22.2 Regulatory Obligations: As mentioned earlier, we want to emphasize that we won’t be liable to you for our compliance or non-compliance with any regulatory obligations, including those related to “safer gambling” or “social responsibility.”

22.3 Maximum Liability: We have limits on our liability. In any given incident or related incidents, our maximum liability is either the amount of your stake for a specific bet, or £2,000 (two thousand pounds sterling), whichever is greater. This applies unless there are specific circumstances, like Errors, Malfunctions, or Interruptions, that give us the right to cancel or void winnings, or if we need to withhold funds under certain conditions.

22.4 Unforeseen Losses: We won’t be liable for losses that couldn’t have reasonably been expected by you or us at the time you registered or entered into a transaction with us. This includes things like loss of income, business, or profits, as well as any damage or loss resulting from prohibited activities, equipment failures, incomplete transactions, or inaccurate information provided by us or third parties.

22.5 Set-off Rights: In certain situations, we may set off any positive balance in your account against amounts you owe us. This could include reimbursing costs incurred due to prohibited activities or chargebacks on duplicate accounts.

These limitations and exclusions are in place to ensure a fair and balanced playing field for everyone involved. We want you to have an enjoyable experience while understanding the boundaries of our liability.

23. Chat Facilities

23.1 Chat Facility Usage: We provide a chat facility in some of our services to enhance the social aspect of playing. However, there are some important rules to follow:
  • Use English: Please communicate in English as it’s the designated language of the public chat facility.
  • Respectful Communication: Avoid making threatening, sexually explicit, offensive, or bigoted statements. Harassment, abuse, defamation, or insulting behaviour towards other customers is not allowed.
  • File Formats: When sending or receiving files, stick to PDF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG formats only.
  • Fair Play: During gameplay, refrain from engaging in any communication that could give an advantage to others or be seen as collusion.
  • No Advertisements or Personal Details: Don’t post statements that advertise or promote other websites or offline ventures. Illegal activities and sharing personal details about yourself or others are also not allowed.
  • Truthful Statements: Make sure any statements about us, our services, or any connected websites or services are true and not intended to cause harm.
  • Responsibility for User Content: You understand that we are not responsible for the content posted by users in the chat facility.
  • Rightful Posting: Only post content that you have the right to post.
23.2 Privacy and Viewing: Please note that your communications on the chat facility are not private or confidential. Others accessing the services may view and use them.

23.3 Reporting: If you come across customers colluding or sharing important information through the chat facility, or if you have experienced chat abuse, please notify our Customer Support Team. We treat every case seriously and will handle your complaint anonymously.

23.4 Content Review: We reserve the right to review chat content, keep records of statements made, and take necessary action if required. If we find any unsuitable content posted by you, we may remove it, mute or suspend your chat facility access and other services, or close your account as outlined in Section 18 above. In certain cases, we may report your activity to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the relevant authorities.

23.5 Consequences of Breach: In the event of a breach of these rules, we have the right to temporarily suspend or permanently remove your access to the chat facility. We want to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all players, so we appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.

24. Intellectual Property

24.1 Ownership of Intellectual Property: We want to make it clear that all intellectual property rights associated with our websites, mobile and tablet applications, and the material and content provided on our services are our property or the property of our third-party licensors. This includes rights in the products and services offered, code, software, animations, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video content, and text, as well as their arrangement.

24.2 Proprietary Marks: The names, images, and logos that identify us, our partners, or third parties, as well as our/their products and services, are proprietary marks. You are not permitted to reproduce or use them without express permission.

24.3 No License or Rights Granted: Please note that nothing in these Terms and Conditions grants you any license or right, either implied or explicitly, to use any trademark, patent, design right, or copyright belonging to us or any third party.

We value and protect the intellectual property associated with our services and expect our users to respect these rights.

25. Promotions and offers

25.1 Promotions and Offers: We love to treat our customers with promotions and special offers. These promotions and offers will have their own specific terms and conditions, which will be outlined in the Promotional Terms. Make sure to check them out for each promotion. All promotions and offers are offered at our discretion and are not an entitlement of all players.

25.2 Priority of Promotional Terms: In case of any conflict between the General Terms and Conditions and the Promotional Terms, the Promotional Terms will take precedence to the extent of the conflict.

25.3 One Promotion per Person: To ensure fairness, each person is limited to participating in each promotion or offer only once. We want to give everyone a chance to enjoy the benefits.

25.4 Amendment and Withdrawal: We reserve the right to change or withdraw any promotion or offer at our discretion. We will provide prior notice whenever possible, but in some cases, changes or withdrawals may occur without notice if necessary.

We want to keep things exciting and fair, so we may update or modify promotions and offers to ensure the best experience for everyone.

26. Contacting Us

If You need to contact us, you can email us hello@prophetleauge.com or use the online chat function on our websites and App.

27. Other important terms

27.1 Notification: When we need to notify you regarding these Terms and Conditions, we will do so by sending an email to the email address registered to your Account or by providing a notification on our websites, apps, or other parts of the Services.

27.2 Assignment of Rights: We may choose to assign, transfer, charge, or deal with our rights and/or obligations under these Terms and Conditions. However, we will ensure that such actions do not prejudice your rights. This may include transferring our rights or obligations to another company within our corporate group or any other legal entity, such as during a business restructuring or sale. In such cases, we will notify you of the transfer date, and your rights under these Terms and Conditions will continue with the new legal entity. Remember, as stated in Section 19.1, you have the right to close your Account with us at any time.

27.3 Non-Transferability: These Terms and Conditions are personal to you, and you are not allowed to transfer your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions to anyone else.

27.4 Breach of Terms: If you breach these Terms and Conditions and we do not take immediate action, it does not waive our rights and remedies to enforce these Terms and Conditions in any other situation where you breach them.

27.5 Severability: If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or ineffective by a court or regulator, the remaining provisions will continue to apply.

27.6 Rights of Third Parties: These Terms and Conditions are solely intended to confer rights and obligations between you and us, and no other party is granted rights under these Terms and Conditions. This provision does not affect our rights as described in Section 27.2.

27.7 Language: These Terms and Conditions are available only in the English language. If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, feel free to reach out to us using the contact information provided earlier.

28. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

28.1 Governing Law: These Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

28.2 Jurisdiction: Any disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, unless you choose the jurisdiction of your home country if different.

Safer Gambling: At Prophet League, we are committed to promoting responsible and safer gambling practices. We want you to enjoy our Services in a safe and responsible manner. Gambling should be a form of entertainment and not lead to harm or financial difficulties. We provide various tools and resources to assist you in managing your gambling activities. These include deposit limits, session time limits, reality checks, and self-exclusion options. You can find more information on these tools and resources on our websites or by contacting our Customer Support Team. If you feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic or causing harm, we strongly encourage you to seek help and support. There are organizations and helplines available that can provide assistance and guidance for safer gambling practices. Remember, it’s important to gamble responsibly and within your means. We are members of Gamstop. This service Is free of charge and can be used by any Individual who feels like they are losing control of their gambling activities. You can find more information by visiting www.gamstop.co.uk If you have any concerns or questions about safer gambling or need support in managing your gambling activities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help.  

29. Complaints and Player Dispute Resolution

29.1 Your Legal Agreement: When it comes to disputes about bets or wagers, our transactions database has the final say.

29.2 Complaining or Escalating: If you have any complaints, let us know by contacting our Customer Support Team. They’ll handle your concerns and work to find a resolution. If you’re not satisfied with their decision, you can take it up with our dedicated Complaints team. We’ll investigate and provide a final response within 8 weeks.

29.3 Independent Adjudication: If your complaint remains unresolved, you can turn to an independent adjudicator. They’ll review the situation and make a final decision. It’s like taking your case to a neutral third party who can help settle the dispute. However, this doesn’t affect your right to seek legal recourse if needed.

29.4 Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution: If you’re still not satisfied, you have the option to seek resolution through an independent alternative dispute resolution service called the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). They specialize in resolving disputes related to your account. It’s like having a neutral mediator step in to help find a fair resolution.

29.5 IBAS Terms of Use: You can find IBAS’s Terms of Use on their website, which provides more information on how they operate. It’s good to know the rules they follow to ensure a fair process. For more information about IBAS, visit www.ibas-uk.com. These rules are in place to ensure that any disputes or complaints you may have are handled fairly and impartially. We want to make sure you have a positive experience, and these processes help us achieve that.

30. Keeping Your money safe

30.1 Funds and Insolvency Protection: We want to keep you informed about the safety of your funds. As a licensed gambling operator, we have certain obligations. In the event of insolvency, we have measures in place to protect your funds.

30.2 Separate Account Protection: We take the security of your funds seriously. Any funds equivalent to the value of customer balances and any unsettled bets will be kept in a separate account. Any funds exceeding the value of active customer balances and unsettled bets are kept in separate accounts, held with financial institutions.  It means that even if something unforeseen were to happen to our company, there would still be sufficient funds to allow you to withdraw your balance. We’re constantly monitoring and auditing these accounts to maintain their integrity.

30.3 Compliance and Reporting: We comply with the requirements of the Gambling Commission of Great Britainwho set standards for customer fund protection. We have a “Medium protection” level rating, ensuring that your funds are safeguarded. The balances of all customer accounts are regularly reported to the relevant regulatory authorities. It’s important to note that funds in your account won’t accumulate interest. These measures are in place to prioritize the safety and protection of your funds. We want you to have confidence in using our services and know that your funds are being handled responsibly.

31 Good cause donations

31.1 Good causes can either be defined as registered charities or good causes supported through a ‘Just Giving’ page.

31.2 Any game that raises funds for a good cause will clearly display the good cause and the amount of the stake that will be directly donated to the good cause.

31.3 Where part of the stake Is being donated to a good cause, the amount of the stake being donated will be displayed to You prior to you confirming stake. By confirming you’re acceptance and placing your stake you are agreeing for the good cause donation amount to be donated to the good cause as shown on the screen.

31.4 The good cause donation Is a fundamental part of the game. We exist to provide our players with a safe and fun way to game whilst raising money for good causes. As a result, no request for the good cause donation to be returned to the player after the player has confirmed their entry will be accepted. If you have any concerns about the good cause donation please contact our Customer Support Team.

31.5 The good cause Is not an active player in the game. You are not playing against the good cause. The good cause donation pot Is ring-fenced from the prize pot available to players of the game and is classified as a ‘donation’ and not a ‘stake’ being placed on behalf of the good cause.

31.6 All good cause donations will be made within 14 days of the end of each game weekend. However, there may be some unforeseen circumstances that mean a donation to a good cause may be delayed. We will communicate with the good cause should we have any problems making the donation payment within 14 days.

31.7 Good cause donations will be made in bulk each week. This means that rather than send the good cause a high number of Individual, small payments, the sum of all money allocated to the good fund cause will be donated In a single payment within 14 days of the end of each game weekend.

31.8 Should we Incur any bank transaction or any other form of charges for making the donation payment to the good cause we will deducted these charges (at cost) from the final donations payment made. Any charges deducted from the good cause donation will be made clear to the administrator of the good cause at the time of making the donation payment.

31.9 We reserve the right to suspend or withhold a donation payment to a good cause If we suspect that the good cause Is undertaking any Illegal, unlawful, criminal, dangerous or harmful activities. We make all good cause donations In good faith and cannot be held liable for how the good cause donation made by Us on behalf of our customers Is utilised by the recipient.

31.10 We take the security of good cause donation funds seriously. All good cause donation funds are held in separate accounts, held with financial institutions. These accounts are entirely separate from our operational bank accounts. It means that even if something unforeseen were to happen to our company, there would still be sufficient funds to make all outstanding good cause donations. Our bank has confirmed this arrangement in writing, ensuring that your funds are not subject to any set-off or counterclaims against the company’s liabilities. We’re constantly monitoring and auditing these accounts to maintain their integrity.